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The Munros
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This route takes in two Munros, lying to the west of the Pass of Drumochter. They are probably passed every year by hordes of travellers pushing northwards, but provide pleasant walking which as a bonus starts at a fair height above sea level. Do not do what I did one ascent, which was, discovering I was mapless, to continue through the mist using the background hum of traffic on the A9 as a rough guide!

Park just off the A9 road, at Balsporran Cottages. Cross the railway and take the path to cross the Allt Beul an Sporain and climb the northeast ridge of Geal-charn (white hill) which is broad and heathery. There is fortunately an obvious path through the heather. This leads up the southeast side of the hill to gain its flat shoulder at 850m.

Beyond the shoulder, a broad stony slope leads easily to the first summit, Geal-charn (917m, 597 783). Now descend the ridge southwest over rocks, bending south to gain the col at the head of Coire Fhar. Climb southeast up grassy slopes to gain the flat summit ridge of A'Mharconaich (the place of horses), with the summit at the northeast end.

To descend, go down to the north over rocky ground, at first fairly steep then easing down the northeast ridge leading back to Balsporran Cottages. The ground underfoot becomes quite rough and boggy, with lots of heathery traps waiting for the unsuspecting victim.

Avoid this ground by quitting the ridge to cross the Allt Coire Fhar and pick up a good path on its north side. As there is no bridge across the burn here, be careful if heavy rain has produced spate conditions, walking back up until safe to cross.


Maps: OS Sheet 42 'Glen Garry & Loch Rannoch'
Distance: 10 km
Ascent: 740 m
Time: 4 hours
Food & Drink: Dalwhinnie is 6km to the north with a hotel and café, while 29km south Blair Atholl has more facilities.


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