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Seana Bhraigh

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One of the most remote Munros, Seana Bhraigh ('old height') is a long way from any public road, with approaches possible from the west (from Inverlael at the head of Loch Broom), or north (up Strath Mulzie from Oykel Bridge in Strath Oykel). If taking the latter route, it may be possible to obtain permission to take the private road for part of the way, after which mountain bikes allow for a continuation of the approach to close to the mountain, depending on the state of the burns and path. Both routes are about 26km in total, though possibly much less by the Strath Mulzie route if a bike can be used.

From the west, start from the A835 road at Inverlael. Go through the Lael Forest to Glensguaib, then follow a stalker's path out of the forest (210 856) and on to the Druim na Saobhaidhe. Cross the wide-open slopes of upper Gleann a'Mhadaidh and round the northern spur descending from point 872m to enter and ascend Coire an Lochain Sgeirich. This has a succession of lochans connecting the burn. Above, the path fades out at about 750m, with potential navigation problems in mist, so be aware of your position. Aim for Loch a' Chadha Dheirg, about 1.2 km beyond the end of the path.

From Loch a' Chadha Dheirg, slopes northeast then north lead easily to a dome at 906m, some 930m southeast of Seana Bhraigh. From the dome the edge of the cliffs lead northwest to the summit cairn, on the edge of everything…descend by the same route.

The northern approach goes up Strath Mulzie from the A837 at Oykel Bridge. Once the car has been left, the track is good as far as Loch a'Choire Mhoir. There may be difficulty crossing the burn 1.5 km below this however. From the loch outflow head towards the burn issuing from Luchd Choire. Go up into the coire where the angle lessens, then take to the Creag an Duine ridge on the east flank of the coire. This leads, with some scrambling, to An Sgurr, which, as the name suggests, has a lovely pointed peak.

From An Sgurr (there seems to be a contour ring at 890m), drop down and up slightly to go round the head of the Luchd Choire, crossing over the dome at 906m. The edge of the cliffs lead northwest to the summit of Seana Bhraigh. From the summit, descend the ridge on the west flank of the coire, dropping into the coire and following the burn down to regain the track back down Strath Mulzie.


Maps: OS Sheet 20 'Beinn Dearg & Loch Broom, Ben Wyvis'
Distance: 26 km (either route)
Ascent: 830m (from west) or 1100m (north approach)
Time: 10 hours (from west approach, perhaps several hours less from north according to access)
Food & Drink: To the west, Ullapool is the biggest centre, with several choices of refreshment. There is also a hotel at Oykel Bridge.


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